Steve Katz

Founder, Security Risk Solutions and World's First CISO (Citibank)

"Marc is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated security professional. He is a well-known, highly respected and highly regarded member of the security community. Marc implements cost effective, risk based solutions that solve business problems; and, views security as a business risk management issue."

Edward Lowery

Assistant Director / United States Service Service (Retired)

"I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Marc on a variety of cyber security and information sharing efforts over the past 3 years. Marc is consistently forward leaning and has distinguished himself as a leader in the effort to build a "team of teams" in preparing a corporate action plan accounting for physical threats as well as those emanating from the cyber world."

Vicki Yamasaki

Chief Risk Officer, OneAmerica Financial & Chair of ACLI Insurance Industry Enterprise Risk Committee (Retired)

"Marc is truly a leader in his field. He spearheaded the development of a Third Party Risk Framework that not only incorporates security risk but all types of risk imposed by the use of 3rd parties. He has done the same by developing a proposed industry standard for an Operational Risk framework. His thought leadership has led to sharing and further developing these frameworks with industry colleagues so that we as an Life Insurance Industry can drive the architectural design of effective ERM in these important operational risk areas. I highly recommend Marc as a collaborator, thought leader, and strategist of risk."

Bill Nelson


"During his almost nine years as an FS-ISAC Board Director, Marc Sokol has made strategic and tactical recommendations that have improved the effectiveness of the FS-ISAC as an information sharing body. He has also been a leader in chairing the Insurance Risk Council, a special interest group of all the insurance company members of FS-ISAC. He has demonstrated extraordinary public speaking skills, particularly around the convergence of physical and cyber threats to the financial services sector."

Peter Feeley

VP & Chief Compliance Officer, Office of the General Counsel / Guardian Life Insurance Co.

"I have worked with Marc for the last three years at Guardian. I can say without hesitation that he is a dedicated professional who takes great pride in his work. He leads effectively through collaboration and team building across various organizations within the company to advance key risk and security programs. During the time we worked together, I have had the pleasure to work with Marc on a number of initiatives including Privacy, reputational risk, investigations, and partnerships in raising the company's risk management capability. Marc also demonstrated exceptional leadership and crisis management skills in leading Guardian's response to Hurricane Sandy, both in the immediate aftermath of the storm and then with the relocation of our Home Office to an alternate site for almost a year. His development of the company's preparedness and Crisis Management Program, information Protection, Physical Security, Workplace Violence Prevention Program and its Third Party Risk Management framework have helped Guardian to effectively manage the company's operational risks and respond to a myriad of regulatory reviews. In addition, Marc Chaired the firm's Operational Risk Committee and was a key member of the Firm's Enterprise Risk Committee and its Compliance Subcommittee. Marc and the team he leads always contribute value and business aligned solutions with insightful comments and useful suggestions for enhancing the firm's risk-related programs. You can always count on Marc to give 100+% in everything he does and maintains an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing with the highest level of integrity and business value."

Steve Crimando

Principal / Behavioral Sciences Applications

"Marc is dynamic, driven, visionary security and risk management executive. I have had the pleasure of working with him in developing security, crisis management, workplace safety, and business continuity programs at one of the nation's leading financial services firms for more than 10 years. Early in our relationship, it became clear to me that Marc was one of the few executives that fully understood the importance of the human factor in corporate security and crisis management. His attention to the people piece of the equation allowed to him successfully guide his firm through the crippling effects of Hurricane Sandy, as well as countless other security challenges and other crisis events during his tenure there. His ability to remain centered during tense and high stakes situations, his compassion for others, and his ability to gain consensus, build teams through collaboration and inclusion, and coordinate a plan to achieve success and execution are just some of his greatest strengths. He is passionate in his approach to his work and he brings his strong sense of ethics and morality to all of his endeavors. Marc's vision, his passion and his inner compass distinguish him from others in the field. He brings a unique perspective and high level of energy, as well as an enlightened and pragmatic approach to solving security, risk management and business problems. I have not met many people of Marc's caliber personally and professionally. I enthusiastically, and without condition, would recommend him for any organization seeking to elevate and evolve in the security and operational risk posture in a practical, reasoned, measured, and sustainable manner. You will not do better than Marc."

Kim Flemm

Vice President, Head of Operations and Client Services / Guardian Life Insurance Co.

"Marc has a tremendous amount of risk and security experience. I have had the personal honor of working with Marc as a peer in a strategic role and would highly recommend not only his superior skills, but his outstanding leadership qualities as well. Marc is on top of the latest and greatest security issues that face the insurance industry and is closely tied to information coming out of Washington, DC. Marc is a true team player who knows how to communicate with all levels of staff, all the way up to the board of directors. I highly recommend Marc to anyone who is seeking an outstanding leader!"

Tim Callahan

SVP & Global Chief Information Security Officer / Aflac

I have known Marc for many years and have always appreciated his leadership in the information security community. He has been a prominent figure in the Financial Service Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and was instrumental in forming the FS-ISAC Insurance Risk Council. Marc was also a pioneer in moving information security to more of a risk management discipline and was among the first to move the discipline out of the traditional IT space to a corporate risk function. I highly recommend Marc for any position in the information risk management space."

Barry Belfer

SVP and Treasurer, Corporate Finance and Real Estate / Guardian Life Insurance Co.

"I have known Marc for over ten years, and in my experience I have never run across anyone with as much passion for his work as Marc. Marc is responsible for managing operational, IT, and physical risks at The Guardian, which he does utilizing a unique combination of vision and great personal integrity. Marc is also a leading authority on crisis management, both in terms of prevention as well as leading a corporation through one, such as Super-storm Sandy. A true team player, Marc is a tremendous asset to our organization."

Richard Moore

Virtual Executive CISO / Cyber Innovation Center

"Marc is a pioneer in the Information Security profession. He was one of the first to drive the convergence model and created the Chief Security Officer role for his organization. Marc is a constant champion and evangelist for maturing the security profession, by actively sitting on industry boards, engaging with the Executive and Judicial branches of Government, and speaking at various industry events. I consider Marc as one of my mentors, for his inspirational leadership, constructive guidance, and passionate approach to the profession."

Jack Campbell

Director of Risk Governance, Compliance and Service Excellence / Guardian Life Insurance Co.

I have been a part of Marc's team for 6+ years and have reported directly to him for the past 2. In my 30+ years as an IT and Risk Management professional, I have never worked with anybody with as much passion as Marc. He is a forward thinking leader and a Champion of Change. Status Quo is not in his DNA and continuous improvement is his Modus Operandi. Whether its Risk Management, Cybersecurity, Physical security or Crisis management, Marc implements cost effective, risk based solutions that solve business problems. There aren't many senior executives who take the time to ensure the development of their staffs, but Marc does. Marc not only implemented a top of the line Operational Risk Management program at Guardian, but he makes sure that his entire department takes leadership roles and develops professionally. Marc's work at the industry level with Physical/Cyber Security convergence, Operational Risk Management and Third Party Risk Management Frameworks has enabled his staff to make connections, take part in various industry level committees, be part of the change conversation and grow. But what I like most about working for Marc is that he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. If you are in a pinch/In a bind for whatever reason, you can go to Marc explain the situation and he's there for you. When you work with Marc you are encouraged to learn, grow, think out of the box and get challenged. He just wants everyone to succeed and helps you get there. "

Rick Van Luvender, CISSP, CISA, CFC,

VP- Principal Cyber Threat Architect / First Data Corporation

"I met Marc through our work on the Board of Directors for the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC). In his role as CSO Marc has proven to be a thought leader, from his very early work in the convergence of physical and cyber security to his more recent leadership driving towards a more holistic operational risk management program that incorporates many diverse areas to provide an accurate view of operational risk for his firm. Additionally Marc is very willing to assist colleagues and professional acquaintances through advice and mentoring. Marc is a highly capable, very talented professional with whom I thoroughly enjoy working towards our common goal of protecting the Financial Services Sector."